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Meet me

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My name is Ghada Karam and I am the mom of two adorable babies. I currently live in Canada, which happens to be the 7th country where I have lived (crazy, right?).

I’m a little obsessed with gossiping about my kids and my life as a mom, and I blog about what I consider to be the fun side of parenting: milestones, tantrums and the lack of communication!

It goes without saying that parenting is a challenging experience, and without humor we’re just sticking our fingers in thorns and missing out on the beautiful roses – or the most important part of this adventure: building the best memories with our kids.

So why this blog?

Prior to launching my blog, I worked in the hotel industry, and more specifically in the marketing field. And that’s were my big passion for marketing started. I had a full time job,

At that time, I was enrolled in a Master’s program, and I had a baby, so my schedule was full and I had very limited time to spend with my daughter. That was when I decided to launch this blog which combines three of my passions: motherhood, storytelling and marketing!

As a lifestyle mom, you can follow my parenting adventures on Facebook and on Instagram where I share my journey with both the excitement and downturns. Other than parenting stuff, you’ll also find me talking about my other passions: fashion (which I can’t really wear because of my kids), tips and recommendations on parenting from experts, book reviews, travelling (because I simply love taking my kids to explore new places, meet new people, experience new environments, and because I’m an ex-hotelier), and of course marketing/blogging.

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My parenting style?

I believe that kids are independent individuals, who need to discover themselves in order to grow on the right path and eventually bloom as adults. We, as parents, are here to help them get to this path.

As a mom, I enjoy being around my kids. I love hugging them, kissing them and exploring life through their eyes.

Creativity plays an important role in my education as I introduce my kids to their surroundings through their senses and I encourage them to think “outside the box” (whatever this could mean for a three-year-old).

This also means that I’m not the germ-freak or the hygiene-obsessed kind of mom, but I still like my house to be as clean and tidy as possible – and I make sure that my kids are responsible enough to care about the tidiness of our little cocoon.


Is this blog for you?

I blog about young kids, which means toddlers, babies and pregnancy.

My tone can vary from humorous to serious depending on how I’m feeling at the moment I am writing (and how strong my level of frustration is, if you know what I mean).

If you happen to have young kids, you enjoy some humor and appreciate sarcasm, and if you’re a light-headed parent who doesn’t take parenting as a serious mission, then this blog is for you!

Here are 10 fun facts that will tell you more about me:

#1 – What do you like most about motherhood?

The unpredictability. I learned pretty quickly that with kids, plans could go down the tubes. While this was hard for me to accept in the beginning as a control freak, I gradually learned that life was much more enjoyable when I let go and took every moment in stride.

#2 – What keeps you up at night?

Well, now that I’m pregnant, I can blame my pregnancy hormones for keeping me up at night…

#3 – What makes you happy?

It doesn’t take much to make me happy. Basically, a stable, cozy home is a good start for a long-term happiness, and I make sure to build mine with the foundations and structures that I believe in. Once this is covered, the rest is a bunch of sugarcoated toppings that sweeten things up.

#4 – Do you like chocolate?

Not exactly… (I know, it’s unbelievable, right?!) Truth is, I don’t dislike chocolate, but I am not a big fan either. I can live without it for days, and even weeks, and survive perfectly fine.

#5 – How about shopping?

Of course! There was a time when I was a single girl living in a small studio, and I just shopped for myself. Then, I got married and I started shopping for the house. And finally, I turned into a mom and I have an even longer list of things that I NEED to buy (or die tomorrow if I don’t).

#6 – What do you like most about your life today?

Well, that’s not something I say regularly because it is not a conversation starter. Having had the chance to live as an expatriate gave me a certain freedom that others don’t have: that of doing what I want freely and openly. When you don’t sink into the social “Do”s and “Don’t”s, you instantaneously free yourself from any social judgment that could be a barrier in your decision-making process. As a parent, I find this very rewarding.

#7 – What do you dislike most about people?

When people are too serious to enjoy life and humor!

#8 – Who are you mostly thankful for today?

With no doubt, my husband. For a period of three years I had a full time job, I was enrolled in a master’s program and I went through the pregnancy and new mom phase. I would have never kept my sanity if it weren’t for him.

# 9 – Describe what you like in a mish-mash of words.

My daughter, sparkling water, pools, being a mom, my husband, resorts by the beach, shopping, hot showers, home décor, seafood, marketing, travelling, trying new restaurants, writing, tango, beautiful architecture, horses, hugs and cuddles, piano, ballet, the sound of waves.

# 10 – And now describe what you hate.

The rain, conflict, waking up at night, airports, vomit, waiting, speed, heels over 10 cm, toddler tantrums, hospitals, banks, doctors, getting the flu or a cold, and extreme weather conditions.

If you’re still reading, chances are you’ve enjoyed my gossip and we could be good friends! So don’t wait too long to find me on Facebook and drop a little note introducing yourself (I love to hear from other moms!).

Oh! And before you go, don’t forget to subscribe to my newsletters so you can stay up to date with my parenting gossip!

I’ll be waiting for you!

Mommy Blog in Bangkok

One last thing before you leave, I had created this funny video when I launched the blog. If you have a minute (1.15 to be exact), take the time to watch it!