Dear Summer, I love you. So now that summer has finally started, and that both of my kids are entitled to join the camps, I get to enjoy five and a half hours by myself. I have some kids-free time. Every. Single. Day!

A open letter to summer from a happy mom 

Dear Summer,


I love you.


This year, everything about you is just so perfect; I wouldn’t want to have it any other way.


We’re lucky to spend summer in the mountains this year, where the weather is not too hot, not too chilly, but just offers the perfect temperature to keep you fresh and summery all day long.


But that’s not what I love the most about you this year. There is more to it than that.


What I truly, deeply (and secretly) enjoy the most about you, is that you came at a time when both of my kids became old enough to join summer camp. Now, this might not seem like a big deal to some, but it is to me.


I’ll put this in perspective…

I have two kids, the eldest is four and a half, an age where kids ask about 320,502,561 questions every minute. I know, it sounds very unrealistic, but it is true, and it is my daily struggle. From the time she opens her eyes in the morning, she starts to negotiate which dress she will be wearing, the food she will be eating (or not eating), the number of times she will be entitled to eat ice cream before she sleeps, and whether or not she will agree to shower at night (a battle that she never wins, but I guess this age it’s all about keeping high hopes, right?). All those topics are discussed in the short 30 minutes that we have to get ourselves ready before leaving the house.


My second child is a 19 months old toddler who is like a walking tornado – as a matter of fact this has officially become his nickname. Like all toddlers, he follows me everywhere I go, which not only means that I don’t get to do anything by myself anymore, but also that all of my activities get interrupted over and over again. Try interrupting your pee to save your toddler from climbing the shelves in the bathroom cabinet, and you’ll understand what I’m talking about.

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Ever since my Tornado was born, I have never done anything for myself without having one, or both of my kids with me. On the rare occasions that I go to a hair salon to get a root color, or to a nails bar to get my mani-pedi treatment, I get my kids with me. I have never been to the malls, grocery stores, pharmacies, restaurants, pools or anywhere else as a matter of fact, without having at least one child around, and depending on which one comes with me, I either have to get myself ready to answer millions of questions, or to run after little feet all over the place.


So now that summer has finally started, and that both of my kids are entitled to join the camps, I get to enjoy five and a half hours by myself.


I have some kid-free time. Every. Single. Day!


This is five and a half hours where my butt is glued on the chair, for as long as I choose to, and where my mouth is shut unless I feel like talking to someone – which I don’t because my introverted brain literally needs a break from constantly having to talk to someone.

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This way, I get to divide my day into two halves: the first half is for myself, and the second is with my kids.


The first half is when I get to recharge my “mental batteries” – which means my sanity. As selfish as this may sound to some moms, I have learned to turn my back to social pollution to enjoy what works best for me and for my kids. Moms who disagree with my parenting style don’t live in my house to know what works best for us, and as both of my kids are happy, I’ll consider that I’ve not been a terrible mom after all.


In the few years that I have been a mom, I have learned to do what works best for my family, and if this means getting some time to myself when the opportunities allow it, then I’ll take it!


By the time it gets for me to pick up my kids from their summer camp, I’m happy to see them again. Having spent a great morning apart, we’re all happy to sit at home together. This means that I don’t constantly have to plan for different kids fun activities on a daily basis to keep my kids busy and entertained.


So dear summer, life has never been this good.


Please keep the temperatures as perfect as they have been so far, so I can forever remember you as the best summer of my life.


Lots of hugs,


A satisfied mom

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