Medaf Creative Studio: Unleash Your Child’s Creativity

Who doesn’t love paint? Well, moms probably don’t because it gets the house, the kids, the clothes (and everything else) so dirty…

But the kids… they LOVE it!

So, what is better than taking them to a workshop where they can paint anywhere their heart desires without you having to clean up the mess they make?

I bet all moms would love that, right?

Well, here is the deal: Medaf Creative Studio offers your kids the chance to paint on every corner of their Expressions Room (every corner, besides for the glass window). This way, your little artists can paint on canvas, the walls, the floor, and even on themselves… Because they’ll be covered from head to toe, they won’t get any paint on their clothes.

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About Medaf Creative Studio

Located in Uptown Mirdif Center, Medaf Creative Studio is everything a little artist can wish for. From free expression styles to group workshops, little artists can put their fingers to use to create the best works of art:

  1. Arts & Crafts
  2. Oil Painting
  3. Watercolor Painting
  4. Virtues Program
  5. Pottery
  6. Robotics
  7. Fashion Illustration

What have we tried?

As my kids are 4 and 1, we opted for activities that they can handle at this age. For this, a small workshop was organized for my daughter (4) to create her own Ramadan Lanterns.

However, what we mostly enjoyed, the highlight of our visit, was the Expression Room where kids wear astronaut-like costumes so they don’t mess themselves with the paint. The entire experience was unique to them, right from the moment they had to wear this protective bag. If you encourage your kids to explore the world through their senses, this would be a great way to let them paint freely with their hands.

My favorite part? The music they play in the background to encourage creativity.

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My verdict?

We loved this studio, it is well-lighted, bright and spacious, and it has a small café for the parents to wait while their kids are creating their works of art. Although my kids are too young to benefit from all the workshops they organize, I would definitely want to come back to the expression room (I mean, it kept them busy for over an hour!). I’m a big fan of pottery and painting, and when my daughter will be ready to appreciate these forms of art, I would want to get her back to give them a try.

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