Kingdom Of You – A personalized book for young kids


I have previously written about the personalized kids’ book, Lost My Name, which is a great book to offer to newborn babies and young kids alike.

The great news is that Wonderbly has created a new book, Kingdom Of You, that is as fun and entertaining as Lost My Name for the little ones.


Kingdom Of You is the story of a little boy or girl who doesn’t want to listen to his/her parents and who embarks on a journey where a genie grants him/her three wishes.

Now, my favorite part of this book is that this little child in the book gets to carry the name of the child to whom you choose to give this book (in my case, I offered it to my daughter), so that the latter child feels more engaged and interested in the book.



What makes this book special is that it is fully personalized, which means that you get to create the story that YOU want by selecting the main points:

  1. Entering the name of your child
  2. Selecting the gender of the child receiving this book as this will determine whether the main character will be a boy or a girl
  3. Selecting the main character out of three options available (blond, brunette and ethnic)
  4. Choosing the three wishes that the genie will grant to this child

That’s it!

Four simple steps.

If you’re as hooked as I was and wish to order a copy of your own, you can click here.

In partnership with Wonderbly

7 thoughts on “Kingdom Of You – A personalized book for young kids

  1. This is such a great book, I am gonna show this to Husband and see if we can buy one for our daughter. Great concept and thank you for sharing.

  2. What a cool concept. This looks like a really interesting book. Bet my littles would love it and it would make the perfect Christmas gift!!

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