Therefore, in my constant desire to keep the house as clean and organized as possible, I have come up with a few tricks and solutions that help me fulfill all tasks at once.

Easy cleaning ideas for the busy moms

We all know that moms must juggle a million tasks at once. We have to make sure the little ones are alive and well while taking care of the house chores, and for some of us, keep up with a job and career at the same time.

Therefore, in my constant desire to keep the house as clean and organized as possible, I have come up with a few tricks and solutions that help me fulfill all tasks at once.

If you’ve been on this blog before, you’d know that I’ve recently moved to Canada. Before that, I lived in both Dubai and Thailand, where affordable housekeepers and nannies grew on trees. My house was perfectly clean, my clothes were always washed and ironed, my food cooked, my sink always empty and shiny and I was able to keep a full-time job on top of studying for a masters.

A perfect life, as you can imagine.

Well, almost. I still had little time to spend with my daughter. You can read more about the reasons I was motivated to start this blog here.

What’s more, my husband and I were both hoteliers, which meant that we lived in hotels (I knooooow!!). We had it all.

Now that we have moved to Canada, things (everything) are different here, as I have to do it all on my own.

My point is: if I can keep a clean house, you can keep a clean house, too. As a matter of fact, anyone can!

I rely on three key points to get this done: organizing myself, getting a bit crazy when my family doesn’t listen to me (you know, the classic #momzilla) and a few tricks that help me achieve the aforementioned points.

Oh! And I’ve also learned to lower a few of my standards. It’s technically not possible for me to achieve it all.

When my daughter goes to daycare, I have a few hours to spend on my own with the baby. During this time, I have to keep up with the housekeeping, blogging and spend some time with my baby. So, shortcuts are very handy!

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Let’s take a closer look at each of the points that I described above.

Organizing myself

I like to put everything in boxes to make it easier for me (and for my entire family as a matter of fact) to find stuff.

My drawers are full of boxes, whether in the bathroom, closets, kitchen and even in the toy room. Storing boxes are a must in my house.

In my kitchen, closet socks, underwear, bras, long shawls, scarves, stockings, hats, clips, soft headbands, hard headbands, nail polish, nail care, face care, makeup, brushes and belts are all placed in different boxes.

I even have a box in which I separate my clothes into summer or winter collections based on the seasons, my maternity clothes that I don’t wear anymore, a small box for my swimming stuff, my exercise clothes, and finally, my pajamas.

This way, whenever I need an item, I know exactly which box to find it in. This saves me so much time! I repeat the same process when I organize my husband’s and kids’ clothes as well.

I also use a similar approach with my storage shelves. This way, a blind person can find her way around my house. It’s that easy to find stuff!

As you can imagine, we have a lot of storage boxes at home. The ones I like most are the ones we find in Ikea because they come in different sizes, but you can also find the same on Amazon or in any other home furnishings store.

Going crazy

I’m not kidding here. This is a point that I take very seriously. Guess what?

Mommy is not the only one who lives in this house.

Therefore, everyone better help me with the housework or else Mommy is going to lose it. Believe me, no one likes it when Mommy loses her s***.

I don’t usually ask for much. I do, however, stress that everyone returns the items they’ve used.

This means that when it’s shower time, all the dirty laundry needs to go into the laundry basket. Used towels need to be hanged behind the door. Toys need to be placed back in their boxes (I’m not always met with a lot of excitement on this one, but I still make sure that my daughter knows I’m not happy with the mess and sometimes, just sometimes, she lends a hand).

I even bought my daughter a cleaning set for kids, so when I mop or dust, she imitates me. I don’t mind the extra help (you can get one on Amazon by clicking here).


The few strategies that help me get work done faster

In addition to involving my family with the cleaning and using a good storage method, there are a few strategies that I use to make things easier on myself.

Here are some ideas that I have found to be very useful:

  1. I make my bed immediately after I wake up. This is important because my bed is huge and occupies 70% of my room. If my bed is messy, my entire room looks and feels messy as well.
  2. I immediately hang my clothes in the closet after wearing them. This also declutters the house. I do the same with my daughter’s clothes, too. My husband takes care of his own clothes, god bless him.
  3. I treat laundry like I treat cleaning my kitchenware: I don’t wait for the laundry to pile up anymore. If I hesitate, I end up with a massive Mount Everest of clothes that I must to deal with. I found that if I do a little bit of laundry every day, my overall job becomes much easier.
  4. I divide the room into sections: one day I’ll mop the floor in some rooms, the next I would vacuum the bedrooms where we have fixed carpets and the next day I would clean the bathroom. This way, I don’t have to deal with the entire house all at once.
  5. I use wipes. They are lifesavers and help me get things done much faster.

Now, you might be wondering what the hell I’m talking about.

Wipes? Who uses wipes to get their house clean?

Well, I do.

There are two types of wipes that I use: floor wipes (like Swiffer) and counter wipes (Lysol).

Here are a few points to give you an idea of how this could work:

Floor wipes

  • Floor wipes are so easy to use. I keep the mop in the kitchen and the wipes under my sink. This way, each day after cleaning the counters I can quickly wipe the floor.
  • I also use them to wipe the rest of the house two or three times a week in places where we have parquet on the floor. They are very easy to use and can fit in every corner. Therefore, the floor remains clean and dust is mopped regularly.

Counter wipes

  • To clean stains on the kitchen closets, the fridge, doors and small stains on the floor
  • To keep the outside of the microwave oven and the oven always clean of any fingerprints or stains
  • Garbage bins, especially on the inside of the kitchen garbage when something falls in them
  • The inside cabinet under the sink (I constantly wipe it to keep it clean from stains or anything else that I find in it!)
  • The inside of any cabinet, drawers or closet
  • The inside of the microwave when someone heats food and gets stains all over the place
  • Washing machines, from the detergent that could spill when you pour it into the machine
  • Toys
  • Kids tables (if used for crafts). Make sure to remember the legs of the table
  • Chairs (make sure to remember the legs as well)
  • Laptops (excluding the screens), computers, remote controls and other types of electronics
  • Kids shoes, backpacks and similar clothing that is water resistant
  • The stroller and the inside of the stroller basket

I hope these tools were useful. Let me know what you think by leaving a comment in the box below!



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Therefore, in my constant desire to keep the house as clean and organized as possible, I have come up with a few tricks and solutions that help me fulfill all tasks at once.