What literally happens to your body when you’re in labor

Our generation can feel proud to live in a modern, developed world where people have learned to take control over every aspect of their lives.

But like, literally, every single aspect.

The control that we’ve taken does a good job in pushing away all types of fear and anxiety. It is the product of the progress made in knowledge and technology that has taken our generation to places where the previous ones have never been to.

This is especially true in the scientific and medical worlds.

For instance, when it comes to pregnancy and birth, the medical knowledge has evolved so much that doctors and nurses are more confident practitioners who can now save lives (and bring new babies to life) in ways that were not possible before.

Yes, our generation is very lucky.

Even better, technology has contributed in the creation of new tools, products and machines that have not only helped the medical body but have also served in reassuring the anxious future moms who can now listen to their babies’ heart beats and read about their developments on a weekly basis.

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Having said that, the world we live in does a fantastic job in giving us the impression that we are truly in full control of the situation. So, by the time a woman goes into labor, she is familiar and aware of every little detail related to the process of giving birth from start to end.

With this, she enters her new battle confident (well, to a certain extend) that she can implement the birth plan that makes her feel at ease during this difficult process.

By doing so, she feels that she owns her body and she can tame labor the way a wild animal is turned docile. However little does she know that this is just an illusion.

A true illusion.

The fact remains that during labor, the body of the new mom does not belong to her. It does not belong to her baby, nor does it belong to the medical body assisting her.

At the time a woman gives birth, her body belongs to Nature; and it is Nature which takes control over the situation.

When labor takes over, all the futilities that we’ve learned to appreciate in the social world (the cosmetic products and retailer brands that makes us look good, modern and crunchy) fade away to let Nature handle its part of the game.

Needless to say, it’s not always a pretty sight.

By the time labor kicks in, the fresh flowery perfumes leave room for sweat and natural body aromas, the broken water keeps running between the legs of the future mom like a thin waterfall that never fails to stop, breathing becomes heavier, breasts feel as solid as two bricks and finally dry lips crack.

Nothing about this process can be controlled, stopped or reduced. During labor, a woman’s body reacts the way it should react, and that’s the beauty of it.

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This particular moment takes women back to a state of natural wildness. One that only abides by the unpredictable laws of Nature.

Nothing about our modern, civilized, modern world can beautify this sight. Yes, pain can be reduced by taking specific drugs, but the fact remains that birth is an element of Nature. It is, and will always belong to Nature.

When the mom gets to hold the new baby for the first time, she gets exposed to what her body has been producing for a period of nine months. Even better, when the OBG extracts the placenta, she gets to have a glance at her baby’s “accommodation” (an impressive large envelope that her body has created to keep her baby warm!).

So yes, a woman’s body can naturally produce all this, without her having any power or control on it.

Even better, Nature is not selective. The job that it performs is the same on all moms, regardless of their age, race or religion. All new moms around the world go through a similar untamable process.

Motherhood is a universal value, and Nature makes sure that the first moments in a mom’s life are experienced the same around the globe.

And despite of all the progress made in technology and science, giving birth still remains something that dads have never got the chance to experience. Nature has not chosen them to handle this task. It has chosen moms.

And that is why moms should be proud of their creations.

After all, giving birth takes just one day in a mom’s life. As soon as the baby’s born, the storm ends and everything comes back to normal, and the mom can enjoy the rest of her time with her new baby.

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