A unique experience at Theta State Float Center - Recommended for pregnant moms

A unique experience at the Theta State Float Center

A unique experience at the Theta State Float Center

On our 8th wedding anniversary, I planned on doing something different with my husband. We both like spas and massages, so I searched for the different options available in Bangkok, through my best friend, Google.

That’s how I came across Theta State Float Center, a spa that offers a unique approach to relaxation: Floating on water.

Being pregnant in my 7th month, I thought that this could be a great experience for me to try. It doesn’t require physical touch, which can sometimes get a bit painful when the therapist doesn’t take into account the sensitiveness of pregnant women.

In addition, when I was pregnant with my first child, I had read of the benefit that floating on water could bring to pregnant women.

With this in mind, I decided to dive into this new experience and I booked an appointment myself and my husband.


The spa

When we arrived, the receptionist offered us some drinks, and showed us a video of the floating experience.


The spa has four rooms with two different types of floating “pools:”

  • The first is a pod, or what I like to call an “egg” as it looks like a huge cocoon that you can close as you get into the pool.



  • The second looks like a small pool that is located in an individual room that is as big as a walk-in closet. Feeling a bit claustrophobic with the first pool, I opted for this choice.


All floating rooms come with their own individual changing room and shower. Guests of the spa are required to take a shower before they enter the pools, to keep the water clean and intact.

A second shower is required after floating in the pool as the salty water might get too sticky on the hair and skin (for your information, the water is as salty as the Dead Sea, so you definitely should consider taking a quick shower after floating).


The experience

I was a bit concerned about how I’d be floating on water, but it turned out to be much simpler than I had thought. The water is so salty that it naturally holds you on its surface, effortlessly.

For the first 15 minutes, soothing music helps you relax. Floaters are given the option of turning off the light, which, once the music stops, can turn into complete darkness and silence.

I liked that option and went along with it.

It was pretty relaxing and I could tell that my baby enjoyed it.

We were both floating in water, enjoying complete quietness and relaxation.

For more information about the experience, watch the video below:


My impression

For those who are impatient, or too anxious, this experience might seem a bit overwhelming, and I would recommend that they consider this before going in the water to avoid leaving the treatment five minutes afterwards.

But for those who don’t mind staying isolated from light and noise, the floating experience is definitely new and worth trying.

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Additional information

Location: 8/1 24th Avenue Mall, 1st Floor, Soi Sukhumvit 24

Tel: (+66) 2-261-7943

Email: info@thetastatefloat.com


Website: http://thetastatefloat.com

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