Indoor Play Area for Kids in Central World


Most of the large malls in Bangkok offer a play area for children. Both parents and kids absolutely love this, as it keeps the little ones busy for a while, especially during the hot summer days!

Central World Mall offers a large play area that contains different independent zones, meaning that they are managed by different employees and involve different fees (some of them being free of charge). These zones include:

  1. A large indoor playground
  2. A kids playing area
  3. A car lane
  4. A craft area

My daughter’s personal favourites are both the indoor playground and the kids playing area, where she gets to slide, swing, and explore the different games available. The craft area is great, but targeted for older kids, so we haven’t introduced her to it at this stage.

The mall also offers a train ride for shoppers who can show a receipt of over a certain amount (500 baht).

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I’m sharing below some pictures of the different zones.

The large playground area with its different tunnels, slides and swings

Kids area at Central World | Indoor Playground

Kids play area

Kids area at Central World | Play area

Cars that can be rented and driven in a dedicated lane

Kids area at Central World | Car lanes

Art and craft area

Kids area at Central World | Art and Craft area

The train

Kids area at Central World | Train


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