KizVenture Park is a fun place where kids and toddlers can play. It offers different zones that are suitable for different ages and different types of interests:

KiZventure Park for kids and toddlers

I’ve recently discovered a fun kids area that can keep a little monkey occupied for a couple of hours, while the parents can have a break and enjoy a cup of coffee!

KiZventure Park is a fun place where kids and toddlers can play. It offers different zones that are suitable for different ages and different types of interests:

  1. Main Zone
  2. Bicycle Lane
  3. Basketball Court
  4. Tubby Slide
  5. Mini-Golf
  6. Car Lane
  7. Craft Zone
  8. Toddler Zone

Main Zone

The main zone is largely dedicated for kids who are older than three-years of age as it has large slides and other games that could be harmful for younger toddlers. Having said that, we’ve been to KiZventure on a quieter day and my two-year old enjoyed the games and attractions available in this zone, and was able to adapt well in playing with the bigger slides. Most of the games described below such as the tubby slide, motor car, bicycle lane, and basketball court are available in this zone.


Main Zone2

Bicycle Lane

The bicycle lane is great for toddlers as the bikes are suitable for this age group and don’t have pedals, which means less speed and less risk of any injuries. Younger kids might need some assistance from Mom or Dad in getting around the circuit.

Bike Lane 1

Bike Lane 2

Basketball Court

A small basketball court is available for those who love this game. The hoops were a bit too high for my daughter to reach, but she still enjoyed playing with the balls and throwing them around. After all, that’s what a toddler’s life is all about!

Basketball court 1

Basketball court 2

Tubby Slide

Kids get the chance to slide on a tube on a slide that is three-meters high and 20-meters long. My daughter absolutely loved it, she enjoyed pulling her tire all the way to the top and then sliding down! This was a new adventure for her, and one that kept her busy for a while.

Tubby Lane 1

Tubby Slide 2


I loved this little corner dedicated for mini-golf. It has eight holes and different sections to allow different kids to play at the same time.

Mini Golf

Car Lane

The car lane was closed on the day we visited, but my curious daughter regardless snuck in to sit in one of the cars.

Car Lane

Craft Zone

A craft corner is available for those who need or may want a quieter time to change things up. While my two-year old was too young to appreciate this corner, I can see how older kids could enjoy it as there was a variety of craft options offered that could suit every taste.

Craft Zone

Toddler Zone

While my daughter is only two, she was able to play and enjoy the games with the older kids. This zone would have been great on a busy day, though I would be a tad concerned about her safety around the older (and wilder) kids. It is located right next to the coffee shop, which makes it convenient for parents to take a short break and enjoy a caffeine fix while keeping an eye on their little ones.

Toddler Zone

Coffee shop

A coffee shop well, because parents need a break. But the good thing is that the shop provides simple snacks and sandwiches that kids love so there is no need for parents to pack any extra food. This little shop has all you need.



Location: 101 Ratchaphruek Road Bangramad Talingchan Bangkok 10170
Tel: 02-863-8448
Fax:. 02-863-8447



Monday – Friday: 10.00 am – 07.00 pm

Saturday – Sunday (and public holidays): 09.30 am – 07.00 pm

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KiZventure Park in Bangkok for Kids and Toddlers

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