Benihana Restaurant at AVANI Atrium Bangkok

Before moving to Bangkok, I had been to several Benihana restaurants, and so it was natural that we would want to visit the newly opened Benihana at the AVANI Atrium in Bangkok.

The restaurant is spacious and offers several teppanyaki stations where the food is cooked before your very eyes on a hot steel grill attached to the center of the dining table. Each table has its own chef and, like in all Benihana restaurants, our chef was very entertaining (see the video below), and he constantly made sure that we were pleased with the food – that’s one of the good points about such restaurants as we get to give immediate feedback to the chef.

My favorite part of going to Benihana is the experience. As the purpose is to have a relaxed meal in an interactive setting, I wouldn’t recommend it for anyone in a rush, as they won’t be enjoying the experience very much. It’s one of those places where you get to diversify your meal by eating personally prepared chicken, meat and seafood. A fully enjoyable Benihana experience is expected to take about an hour to 1.5 hours.

Benihana Restaurant in Bangkok

Restaurant 1


The team is very friendly, helpful and the service was great. We had the pleasure to meet with the F&B Manager of AVANI, who gave us with the warmest of welcomes.


The food

As I said, Benihana is one of those places where you get to diversify your food options and that’s something I absolutely love about it. We had an onion soup to lightly start off the evening and to get ready for the next battle: Rocky’s Mountain Sandwich, which is absolute madness but great for sushi lovers. We then enjoyed the rest of our dinner with teppanyaki foods – chicken, meat, salmon and shrimp, followed by Japanese fried rice. We ended our dinner with the cheesecake dumpling.

Onion soup
Onion soup as a starter
Rocky’s Mountain Sandwich
Rocky’s Mountain Sandwich
Dessert - Cheesecake Dumpling
Dessert – Cheesecake Dumpling


The show

The chef did a fun slice and dice show with some fire lava onions that you can watch in the video below. Your little ones will surely adore the chef’s antics!

Private rooms and the cozy corner

The restaurant is great for birthday parties as it has private rooms like the one shown in the image below.

Private rooms

The restaurant also offers one cozy, funky little corner. It doesn’t have a live cooking station like the other tables, and is great for those who just want to order from the menu and have a little bit of privacy.

Cozy room

Additional Details

Contact Details

Tel: +66 2718 2000-1



AVANI Atrium Bangkok

1880 New Petchburi Road

Bangkok 10310


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Benihana Restaurant at AVANI Atrium Bangkok