Tantrums. One word that summarizes pretty well the third year of a child’s existence, and the pain that parents have to go through.

7 magical steps to handle toddler tantrums


One word that summarizes pretty well the third year of a child’s existence, and the pain that parents have to go through.

No matter how ready, patient, quiet, supportive, attentive, cheerful a mom could be, when the tantrums hit, she will lose her mind.

But the good news is that there is a magical solution to dealing with these tantrums. You see, in motherhood there is a golden rule that we must keep in mind – either we command, or kids command. One of the two sides ends up taking control, and if moms don’t learn how to act fast (like, really really fast), tantrums will hit quicker than the speed of light.

So, for all moms who are dealing with this nightmare, here are 7 magical steps that will give you back full control over the situation, and will make tantrums a story from the past.

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Step #1: Take a Deep Breath

In yoga, psychology, sports (etc.) they recommend you take a deep breath prior to starting a new activity. Deep breaths are known to release anxiety, stress, and other stuff like that, that your body doesn’t need. It is also good for the mind, as it seems to keep us in the present moment. This is precisely why it is important to start this magical process by taking a deep breath. You just need to make sure to inhale as slowly as possible, so you can really take all the stress out. And if one deep breath is not enough, try again a couple more times. At some point this should work.

Step #2: Smile

Now that you’re starting to cool down, you need to smile. I know it’s hard to do this when you’re facing an angry toddler but smiling seems to be another good method for reducing stress, reducing your heart rate (as by that time your heart is probably pounding like crazy).

Need more convincing? Smiling has also proven to be positive in boosting one’s mood and increasing productivity. Besides, it will make you look prettier (not that you really care about how you look at this moment).

So there you go, now that you’re convinced, you just need to smile and move to the next step.

Step #3: Stand Up

This step is pretty self-explanatory.

Step #4: Walk Out

Walk-out of the place where you are, and leave the crying toddler behind. Don’t look back (DON’T LOOK BACK) and don’t feel guilty. Just keep walking.

Free Live Parenting Webinar
Free Live Parenting Webinar

Step #5: Ignore the Screams

This step is an extension of the previous one. While you’re walking, you need to multi-task and ignore the screaming voice of your toddler – which is probably increasing by now. I know it’s hard to do, but if you put your heart and mind into it, you’ll succeed. This is the most difficult part of the process. Once you overcome it, the rest of the steps will just roll smoothly.

Step #6: Never Come Back Again

Keep walking until you reach the closest airport, take a plane, move to Hawaii, and never come back.

Step #7: Come Back

OK, if you’re not able to accomplish step #6, here is your alternative. Come back to your crying toddler, who by now understands that his life was not that miserable after all, and finally appreciates that you can get angry, furious and frustrated too. Seeing you come back is, for this little person, more important than the anger that she/he felt earlier (my recommendation: remember to stop smiling by then, as it can look a bit offensive – even though you now have a credible reason to do so). At that moment, little toddler will come to you, crying for hugs, cuddles, kisses, and you can enjoy a little moment of peace for the next 10 minutes. Amen.

Notice: this method has been tried and approved by one crazy (desperate) momma.

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7 magical steps to handle toddler tantrums


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