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A Getaway in Pullman Pattaya Hotel G

We’ve been in Thailand for three months now, and it was time for us to take a family break and escape the busy city life.

Pattaya seemed to be the best option for us, as we needed a destination that is not too far (no planes please, as I HATE airports, especially with kids), and one that offered great beaches for my daughter to play.

While Bangkok is a great city, its high buildings and traffic can get me, on the long term, a bit claustrophobic. So for our getaway, I needed space, lots of it, and what’s better than the beach and the sea to get this, right?

Pullman Pattaya Hotel G was the answer to our need. While my husband had visited this hotel in the past, it was my first visit and I had a lot to anticipate from the descriptions that I had heard from him. Let’s just say that after spending almost 12 years together, he knows exactly what I like (and what I dislike) and he selected a hotel that would keep me, and BABY, busy for the whole day – while he languorously relaxed by the pool. A man’s life is tough, you know.

The resort offers a Beach Club with two pools for adults, a small pool for kids, a private beach, a pool bar and a restaurant. This cozy set-up makes it easy to move around from the beach to the pools, to the restaurant, without needing to drag around all our items with us.

My daughter doesn’t get to spend much time by the beach – the last time she saw the waves was in May. There are no words to describe her joy in being in such a wide open space, in front of so much water (that moves on its own, can you believe that?), surrounded by all this sand that she was allowed to throw around without having to face my angry finger gesturing the usual “No”.

This place was a little piece of paradise for my two-year old.

And for my lazily relaxing husband too.

So if you do the math, it was a great place for me too as everyone in my family was satisfied, which meant I was happy.

The beach offers the option of booking small cabanas, which for me, is equal to super-sized family-beds where kids can get to do all the stuff that is prohibited at home – like eating, jumping, getting the beds wet, getting them full of sand, etc. The beds are also great for relaxation, and they come with a great view of the palm trees.

So now you’re wondering, how can I really relax with my kids around?

Here is how: the hotel offers a kids club where you can send your little ones to have fun in a safe, enclosed and supervised environment while you get to copy HUBBY’s lazy afternoon. This way, they’re happy, and you’re relaxed. Fair treatment for everyone.

As a matter of fact, this kids club happens to be right opposite the gym, so if you’re staying at the hotel and want to hit the gym, there is no better way to do so knowing that your kids are just 30 steps away. When you drop your kids off, remember to ask reception for the activity timetable as you might find something that can keep your kids busy for awhile.

I am sharing some pictures of the hotel to give you the full perspective and let you build your own perception. They say that a picture is worth a thousand words, so here are 9 pictures (click to enlarge and read comments)!

For more information on the hotel you can visit their website and check their kids activities on their Facebook page.

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